Thursday, December 25, 2008

Ultra Late Danzation Post

Okay now its my turn muahaha

Its been a really rushed production
yet the scale is doubly huge
In one of the previous post i said its going to rock this island
it just did :)

Am i going to miss this experience?
Hell yea! haha so much things that we've been through
Really alot of shit
Worst than Fantazia. And i thought Fantazia was tough

The process of coming up with Storyline,
The Mis-understandings,
The Stress,
The Workload,
The Self Management,
The Injuries,
The Shortage of Time,
The Practices,
The Family Problems,
The Discipline,
The Responsibility....

All this shit add up can make you want to:
- jump down
- die
- give up
- dont give a shit about anything

Im glad We didn't :)

Alot of people break down
Alot of people argue
Its the true story behind all these happy faces
Yet everytime shit happens, we see each other Grow
Grow as a person
As a Human Being
As a Dancer

The true intention of this club
"To develop each individual to its fullest"

Its truly Magical to see that the simple
Innocence of the Desire to Dance and Perform
Could push one to their potential
Could push one to keep going to that others could fill this need

This club is filled with alot of good people
We are really blessed
I feel blessed to be a part of the family
Thanks to all for accepting me :)
It was tough, but its all worth it

To Ann,
Thanks so much for the guidance and your vision and all the crazy ideas that you always come up with. Somehow it always works haha It taught me when one believes in something so much, even if it seems impossible, it will come to you. Your an Angel. Maybe not so when you give "The Face" haha still we love you! :)

The all My choreographers,
Darren, Big Alex from Fuyo, Latin Jang, Patrick Loo, Ann, Sam and Michelle, Ken, Ronnie, Orange, Jun Chao, Von Spears, Sophan, Xuan Feng, Boss, Terence, Shimin and Joyce. Thank you for taking me and teaching me. I've learn alot and I wanna learn more. I hope i've did justice to your item and i apologize if screw up. But really, you guys a freaking dope!! Lets do this again :) :)

To Freshie Guys,
First lesson what i say, "So neat that its scary"
You all live up to that!
I am Proud. Proud of you.
From the day we practice at 5 when there is no air con,
to the days at 16 where we stink the whole studio up,
to the solos,
to the scoldings,
to alot of things lar!!!
Being frank and honest, you guys really suck last time.
Being frank and honest, you guys are too dope for that item already!
The energy! The character! Everything man!
Perfect 10/10
Really i proud till i almost tear can
I dun even recognize its my choreo lar. Really Thanks
I've learn alot more from you guys than i can ever offer
Thank you so so much :)

To Freshie Girls,
From day 1 already you girls are the talk of the club
Everytime you all pract in studio people will praise one
And even on the actual day, you girls are still as dope as ever
The cheering! The expressions! Breaking out of your own comfort zone!
You all should have seen Orange and Becca during the rehearsals
They cried lar hahaha
Too good already
Really living up to being one of the best batch in NRA :)

To Committee,
You all know the shit you've out up with
You know you all did a tremendous job
You all know you deserve a good rest
Thanks for making me a part of the experience
I apologize if i have been harsh or rude
Really sorry
I cant believe we all actually pull it off :)

Thanks mum, dad and sis
I know i hardly come home early
In fact im hardly home
I miss you all
I miss home
Thanks for putting up with me
Thank you

To all that read this,
Have a blessed day and
Merry Christmas!!

FD out :)

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Rayne, Zhi Yang, A2: Yeah Guys Jia You!!
Allegra: lol whatever lor. Aiya Pat Chen should actually be Shaun lor :P
Shirley: A2 ar, i think its Roy lol
Chansee: Rehearsals will be fun lar. alot of waiting though haha
Trecia, Zoe: haha kan chiong hor. go prac go prac
Limin: l? haha Limin WHOOOOO
Alden: no need say sorry lar haha all the best bro :)
Chris: haha i will :) you too ya
Sianology: you take care too :) army man
Shawnald: your welcome bro. dont worry abt me ya
Shirley: :) :)
Ben: haha gay nvm lar. Now section leader already. take care of the boys ya
Clement: go ACDC. but still i rep NRA and Sushi more than anything haha :)
Chris: Update liao. See ;P
j J: yes MAKE IT
May: that shark was suppose to be for me only lor haha send me soon :)
Shirley: haha funny lar you. i thought u see me already. can scare you more :P
Kathleen: haha i not so evil. i very nice one. but oso dun post my sexy photo lar haha


Make it or Break it


Monday, November 10, 2008


Can you all believe it?
Its like about a month away from
lol (self high)

and usually at this time where ppl start to kan chiong
maybe its only me
but YES
its time for the magic words to come out
whenever something like this comes near
and alot of things seems unprepared


and never ever ever once that it broke
the possibility is always there
but damn it the club never fails to dissapoint
sometimes these last minute things will be the worst
time of our life. But when its over, im sure all of
us will look back and go like,
"Damn...We actually made it.." and then start to talk
about the shit we went through and laugh it out

haha so fun!
and and and
(I've been telling people around me)
to watch how we did!
and laugh at the stupid moments on stage hahah
damn im really excited but really still alot of shit to do

aiyah dont care. it will happen one :)

The showcase is going to be soo dope!!
Internal and External
Plus new styles that we are going into!
Always something new and fresh on the plate
and the Freshies are soo going to Bomb the STAGE!

"The sun don't shine forever,
As long as it's here,
Then we might as well shine together."

"Better now then never,
Performance before pleasure,
NRA and the Fam
Who you know do it better."

"Yeah Right No Matter What We Air Tight"

Im just feeling my team right now
sorry if I sound like im boasting about us or
sounded proud or cocky or anything
Just wanna show my Love for club :)
Really good good good good people ;)

NRA Fam - Love you loads!
SUSHI - Shoutouts to all the brothers!



Friday, November 7, 2008



Lee Daniel

JP San Pedro

Mariel Martin

....Meredith Kerr..... :(

Monday, October 27, 2008

The Truth

Truth is
Its all a Lie

Honestly I Am:

Literally fuck up

I always think back to why I start in the first place
Always get me back on my feet. Its not working.
I love to dance. I dun mind choreographing.
But to come to a stage where it turns into a responsibility
No man. Im not ready.
The truth is I dun Want to do it

I dont think its fair to ask so much of someone
When he/she does not have the desire to do it
Knowing someones capabilities and pushing them is good
They will be able to show their full potential
But whats the use if we push but the person doesnt want to do it
Its their own decision
And everyone have the right to want to do something or not
And if we keep pushing and give them more stress and negativity
We are just doing more harm then good

Alot of things are Obligations
I dun understand what is support anymore
Encouragement and words is worthless
All I wanna do is Dance
Express. Moving to melody. Care about my own improvement
Its just me. I want me back.

Interprete this post however you want

Call me selfish

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Lao Sai = Shit till very wet wet

2008 Best Choreography

It even deserve 2 middle fingers by Terence!!
hahaha damn funny lar

Xuan Feng and Joyce....
You guys are a beast

Not to mention Terence
His choreography never ever fails to impress
And shit its freaking fun to do
Props and Respect to this people


Friday, October 24, 2008

Its been a while..

Sorry to everyone. This place abit dead.
But FD is still here :)

Sorry to ppl who tag. I promise from now will reply one.
I hardly even come to my own blog lar LOL

So whats have been up....

The Knee

Its better now. BUT, yesterday act clever
Act like can do gainer then land until like shit
now the right inner thigh strain like shit
confirm take abt 2 weeks to recover

The Sambal Prawn and Tapioca Chips

THANKS PPPPP!! Hope you guys enjoyed the food!
Let me recap what we had that day:

1. White Rice
2. Curry Vegetable
3. Curry Chicken
4. Sambal Prawn
5. Kangkong
6. Fried Chicken
7. Last Minute Fried Egg
8. And loads of Hari Raya Goodies!

Maybe will plan for another meeting at my place
The Lepak Headquarters
David funny lar! Keep taking food sia haha
And the tapioca chips...
Refill like a gazillion times woohoo
It was a happy day :):):)

The School

It starts again
And from the first week, seems like projects all the way baby
But I'm determine to do well this semester!
Gotta keep that GPA up
After NS, Uni here I come
I miss attachment though
Hope everyone is well at CAAS :D

The Dance

Danzation practise is great!
But shit
LEFT FREAKING 6 WEEKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
..........CHIONG AR!!!
Its the first time I choreograph
The pressure is worst than being the dancer man
Totally respect all those that have taught and
Choreograph so well
Freshie Item!! Jia You!!
Practice Hard! Do your basics too :)
"So Neat That Its Scary" :D

Thank you Terence and Zi Xiang aka Boss aka Krump King aka Pat Chen
Without u guys, I would have nv get the chance to
Experience a Class by Mariel Martin and JP San Pedro!!
Those guys are INSANE
Mariel Martin is soooooooooo Cute. I miss her already :P
And Meredith Kerr. OMG. Personality + Confidence 1500%
Please bring her to our NRA studio hahahah
Everybody will confirm enjoy her class
Too Dope already

Also Thanks to Danzation and Ann's Brilliant idea
It has been a breakthrough for me lol
I have never taken dance class by anybody else other
Than the ones in NRA studio
And because of Danzation, I suddenly like take a lot
Of outside classes. Feels good man. Its different.

The End

Okay okay I shall stop typing lol
Way too many words liao
haha till the next time I visit my blog LOL

Peace and Love to all
GOD Bless :)